Interior designer Lex Parker has been coordinating commercial and office design projects for more than 40 years. He notes that no matter the amount of money spent, clients tend to be most satisfied with office renovation projects when they have first examined very carefully the various tasks employees must perform, the internal culture of the organization, and the overall image they want to convey to clients.
“That type of thing can typically be done before they even call an interior designer”says Lex Parker. “While the designer may need several meetings with staff in order to determine the best design solution, it helps if the client gives the designer as much information as possible about the types of work being performed there. As a designer, my goal is to ensure that employees are comfortable and can conveniently access all of the tools and resources they require, so they can do the best work possible for my client”

Lex Parker recommends that business owners and managers considering an office overhaul be guided first by practicality.”Think about what it is that each employee, or group of employees does most often,” he suggests. “Do they need constant contact with each other or is most of their work done independently? Do the tasks involved demand a high level of worker concentration to be done properly? What hours of the day or night are employees on the job? What types of lighting will they need? What tools are used by each employee – computers, printers, telephone systems? What about reference materials, files, or papers?What about traffic flow and access to shared resources, meeting spaces, and common areas?”.

“It makes sense as well, to consider the type of business or industry your company is in.  If your work is highly confidential or innovation- centred, for instance, keeping employee work areas away from visitor areas may be very important. If your company’s work is project-based and employee teams tend to change from project to project, mobility and flexibility in design will be priorities. The most appropriate design for your workplace will depend on what you want to achieve, how you want employees to interact, and how you want to relate to your customers,” notes Lex. “Once you’ve determined those sorts of things, a qualified interior designer can work within a pre-established budget to create an environment that suits your particular business”;

ANNOUNCEMENT - January 1, 2024

 After fifty-five years operating their interior design business, Lex and Susan Parker have decided to retire.  They would like to thank all the people who have supported them over the years and for the opportunity to work on many exciting and diverse projects.
Megan Pachnosky, who has been the senior interior designer, is starting her own design practice, MEG TAYLOR DESIGN CO.   Megan will be pleased to discuss your proposed project with you, continuing creative and professional design as she has done while working for this design firm. Lex will be available as consultant on selected projects.
Contact Megan at 905-641-2112
We wish Megan success in her new venture.

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