Neptunus Yachts in St. Catharines has been in the business of building world leading semi-custom yachts for over 40 years. Their goal is to move away from the standard traditional style of the interiors that is well known in the yacht industry and reinvent their brand to a more modern look. All elements of the interiors are well thought out from the design of the custom headboards to the grain direction on the wall panels and millwork.


Creating a clean, ultra-modern effect isn’t easy when space is as limited as it is on a yacht or any other type of seafaring vessel. Even massive, luxurious super yachts have design challenges unique to life at sea. Luxury yacht interior designers need to get creative with storage solutions in order to maximize space.  Because boats are on the move, everything has to be secure.  Another challenge is the interior is not square and everything has to be designed to fit the curvature of vessel.

Over the years, Neptunus Yachts has used the services of Lex Parker Design several times. Lex and his team deliver quality work, great drawings with good attention to detail and the designs have a modern feel, yet they are practical. Every experience we have had working with Lex has been very pleasant and i would recommend Lex and his team to anyone.

Jan de Jong