A Team of Passionate Interior Designers.

We don’t only make things beautiful. We make them work.

Lex Parker Design Consultants Ltd. is a team of creative and professional interior design consultants and architectural designers dedicated to providing a complete design service. Their design office is based in St. Catharines and they have worked extensively throughout the Niagara Region and beyond for more than forty years. This is an accomplishment they are proud to promote!

Susan Parker leaning on Tulip chair by Knoll

Lex & Susan Parker

Lex A. Parker, founder and principal designer, believes in the adage “less is more”.  Lex Parker’s interior design team create innovative solutions with clean lines to suit the way people live, work and play while considering elements such as construction, floor plans, furniture, finishes, millwork and lighting.

A graduate of Ryerson University, Lex A. Parker began his own practice in Hamilton, ON, eventually moving the design firm to St. Catharines, ON where it has operated since 1985. Lex A. Parker was a member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO) and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC) for forty years and received a President’s Citation.

Lex Parker Design Consultants Ltd. is owned and operated by Lex and Susan Parker, wife, business partner and former teacher. Susan Parker joined the design firm in 1975 and currently manages the financial and marketing aspects of the business. When Lex and Susan aren’t in the design office, you can probably find Lex working on his model railroad while Susan is playing a round of golf.

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Why Hire Lex Parker Design?

Lex Parker’s Answer:
“We are detailed in our design and specifications and complete projects on time. As an independent design firm, we have huge resources to draw from in materials and furnishings without conflict. We are independent from contractors and retailers and are agents for the client.
Also, we are local and can be on site at a moment’s notice should the need arise and are capable of efficiently resolving site issues that may arise from our years of experience, both structurally and cosmetically. This frequently can be cost savings on both our time and the contractors”.

 Immediate position open for experienced commercial/residential interior designer.
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ANNOUNCEMENT - January 1, 2024

 After fifty-five years operating their interior design business, Lex and Susan Parker have decided to retire.  They would like to thank all the people who have supported them over the years and for the opportunity to work on many exciting and diverse projects.
Megan Pachnosky, who has been the senior interior designer, is starting her own design practice, MEG TAYLOR DESIGN CO.   Megan will be pleased to discuss your proposed project with you, continuing creative and professional design as she has done while working for this design firm. Lex will be available as consultant on selected projects.
Contact Megan at 905-641-2112
We wish Megan success in her new venture.

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